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Chuck KIng
Chuck's Wish to be an entertainer manifested when
he was in kindergarten doing impressions of Jimmy
Durante, Ed Sullivan and other celebrities of the day
at civic clubs.  When given the opportunity to play
in the school band, he selected the trumpet that he
had heard his older brother play.  His enjoyment
for the trumpet and music was incorporated right
away towards his goal of being a performer.

His first professional experience came in Jr. High
when his band director invited him to join an adult
dance band.  Chuck's life in music was given its roots.
Over the years, when there haven't been other outlets,
Chuck would form bands of his own.  He has led swing
style big bands and Dixieland combos and performed a
range of styles from rock to symphonic.

In addition to the Pineapple Skinners, Chuck does
many engagements at The Club in Birmingham where he
is a regular with the Joe Giattina Orchestra.  He has had
the opportunity to back-up such notables as Dinah Shore
and Sid Caesar.  He has played with Peter Duchin, Jean
Kittrell and is a member of Die Mitternaechters. 
In addition to music performance, Chuck is a photographer
and music teacher.
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