Legendary Pineapple Skinners
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Mike Cogan
Mike Cogan plays soprano saxophone, clarinet
and slide trombone for The Legendary Pineapple Skinners. 
He became interested in Dixieland music while growing up in
Chicago where he played saxophone and tenor banjo in several
local Dixieland groups.  Living in Chicago had a huge impact on
Cogan.  While there, he played with many fine musicians, learned
to play a number of different instruments and was exposed to all
sorts of different musical styles.

Mike's eclectic musical background serves him well
today.  He plays at least ten instruments in a number of
different musical settings.  Along with his work in the
Pineapple Skinners, Mike has played with the Tony Lombardo
Quartet for over ten years.  This band plays swing tunes, ballads
and bossa novas in the understated style of people like Nat Cole,
Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.  Cogan also works regularly with
an R & B group called the Buicks.  He also leads a group called
the Casual Three, a jazz trio, that specializes in the music of Coltrane,
Bird, Mingus, Miles and Monk.
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