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Sam Ranelli
Sam Ranelli, Jr. grew up in a musical Family.  Son
of legendary drummer and Birmingham Jazz Hall of
Fame member, Sam Ranelli.  Sam Jr. has been playing
drums all of his life.  Accompanying his father to many
rehearsals and gigs, he learned jazz styles at the feet of
a master and was exposed to everything from Symphonies
to Big Band Swing to Jazz Combo to Dixieland.

He started his first band while in the sixth grade playing
Rock-n-Roll hits of the 1960s.  From there he got into
playing Blues with his brother Rick and in the 1980s
got together with Tony Lombardo and Mike Cogan
to form what developed into the Tony Lombardo
Quartet.  TLQ has been a Birmingham staple since
then playing Jazz at clubs, festivals and private gigs.

Sam says his influences include "every drummer I
ever heard."  He loves playing Dixieland and says,
"It gives you freedom to express so many feelings
and emotions-happiness, sadness, longing, love and joy...
it's all there in Dixieland."
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