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Tom Dameron
Tom Dameron is a local artist, ukulele and Dixieland tuba player. 
Tom is co-founder and former co-owner of Lyda Rose Gallery in
Homewood, Alabama.  Art and music has always been his
passion.  His greatest love and influence has been the
traditional sound of New Orleans Jazz.  The Preservation Hall
Jazz Band stands as his all time favorite group.  Other musical
heroes are Leon Redbone, Robert Crumb, John Hartford and
Janet Klein, the Enchanting Ukulele Chanteuse.  The people
most responsible for his musical turnings were his godparents,
Charles and Edith Piske and his friend Bill McVoy.  Most
recently he credits his musical education to his dear friend and
fellow musician Tony Lombardo and to the remarkable
Dr. Lynn Faulkner.  Check out Tom on the web at
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